Podcast Obsession

Podcast Obsession: The Philosophy of Crime

An unusual podcast, this: the host of The Philosophy of Crime, James Renner, presents different cases by not just talking about them, but with a deeper, or wider, perspective. So, for example, he ponders over the reason why we like or are fascinated by true crime so much (episode 1:101), he discusses the idea of … Continue reading Podcast Obsession: The Philosophy of Crime

Podcast obsession: You Must Remember This

This is not a crime podcast, and I'm sure it's doesn't need much introduction from me: You Must Remember This is an amazing podcast about "the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood in the twenty-first century". Perfectly narrated with plenty of details on all the stories, with a great atmosphere, it really inspires to sit … Continue reading Podcast obsession: You Must Remember This

Podcast obsession: Young Charlie

I first discovered the Wondery podcasts when I learnt about their take on the Black Dahlia story (Hollywood and Crime). I listened to the whole series, and while I obviously enjoyed learning more about the story, I wasn't particularly taken by the way it had been dramatised: it's just that it was a bit too … Continue reading Podcast obsession: Young Charlie