Podcast obsession: True Crime All The Time

TCATT is a podcast that I’ve only recently discovered, and which I have binged on for a few days to focus on something other than my tedious bus+tube journey into work at the weekend (yes, I work weekends, including Sunday all day…the glamorous life of an examiner). It is probably the format I prefer, with two hosts, one more prominent than the other in that he is the main storyteller, and not much else going on other than the case being presented in all its details, with a few additional comments, the odd joke here and there…

The hosts explore lots of different cases, and so far I have only seen murder cases, no disapperances or other things, and most of them seem to be cases that have been solved, which I also appreciate because there’s nothing worse than listening to a story without an end (although I get the suspense and WTF-response for that type of cases).

[Update of the very last minute – there are unsolved cases, I just haven’t chanced upon any yet, as I normally pick and choose the ones that to me sound more interesting.]

Favourite cases so far – I am only putting one as I feel I haven’t listened to enough episodes yet: I’ll put an update soon.

Episode 62 – The murder of Shanda Shearer. A chilling case of teen murder, presented with a very clear and detailed background, which often is exactly what you need to try and understand how such horrible things could possibly happen.

The question here is: why, or how do I choose my favourite episodes? Is it because the story is so interesting, or because the episode is so well presented, or a combination of the two? Hmmm…


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