Podcast Obsession: The Philosophy of Crime

An unusual podcast, this: the host of The Philosophy of Crime, James Renner, presents different cases by not just talking about them, but with a deeper, or wider, perspective. So, for example, he ponders over the reason why we like or are fascinated by true crime so much (episode 1:101), he discusses the idea of Occam’s razor (episode 3:103), and how the media should cover crime. All this, in a simple and effective way, and in a relatively short time (about 30 minutes), which is an interesting change from all the true crime podcasts I’ve been listening to so far, which normally clock in at at least 1 hour, sometimes even more (hello, Casefile and your 2h29m Tina Watson case!).

Anyway: it looks like a relatively recent podcast, so at the moment there are 6 or 7 episodes to listen to, which means an afternoon of binging, really! Enjoy!

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