Podcast obsession: Real crime profile

I’ve only just started listening to this podcast, and there is quite a lot to catch up on!

Real Crime Profile is another creation by Wondery, like Young Charlie and Hollywood and Crime. As such, quality is a sure fact, so I wasn’t disappointed, although I’m not crazy about every single episode. This is a podcast that’s been going on for quite a while, with over 100 episodes, so there’s something for everybody.

The podcast features a retired FBI supervisor and profiler, a criminal behavioural analyst, and hey, the casting director for the TV show “Criminal Minds”, which is one that I used to watch (before it went too crazy and I stopped caring – sorry, life is too short sometimes). So, experts all around to discuss cases that go from OJ Simpson to Frank Olson, recently presented in that beautiful (is beautiful an ok word for a documentary about such a case?) documentary on Netflix, Wormwood – watch it if you haven’t yet, it’s worth your time.

Favourite episodes so far, and I repeat, I’ve only just started so am open to suggestions:

Episode 112: Her name was Molly McLaren – a deconstruction of a recent case of stalking that ended in tragedy. Very interesting case, which documents and discusses how these things are very rarely taken seriously enough, and what inevitably follows is a “we should have done more”, which is frustrating.

Episode 115 and 116 – the aforementioned discussion of the Wormwood documentary. A good insight into the story, with a couple of silly remarks from one of the hosts (which made me wonder “how the hell does she work for a crime TV series”, before realising that well, the TV series itself is pretty far-fetched and she doesn’t necessarily need to have a firm grasp on what really happens in the true-crime world…).

As I said, I’ve only just started listening, and because I don’t particularly like a format with more than two guests, I am not always in the mood for their episodes…but I’ll keep going and maybe I’ll add some more in the future!


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