Podcast obsession: Black Hands

A podcast that came out in July 2017, so you’ve probably heard of it – it’s hard to keep up with all the good crime podcasts out there!

Black Hands tells the story of David Bain, and the mass murder of his family, in 1994: it’s a journalistic piece of work, much like Trace (which I covered in a previous post), and it’s full of interviews, actors reading excerpts of diaries and testimonies, recordings from the trials. The story itself is fascinating, and the podcast covers it in detail, from the background to the investigation to the two trials.

Just like in Trace and in Young Charlie, I cannot really recommed favourite episodes, as it is a chronological narration; I can say, however, how perfectly haunting the intro is, with the first emergency call placed by David on his return home when he found his family dead. Chilling.

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