Podcast obsession: Moms and murders

A new podcast for me, although it’s been going for a few months already! On Moms and Murders, Melissa and Mandy discuss different cases of murder, and again it’s the casual style, the feeling that I’m just sitting on the sofa with them as they talk about the stories, that I like – although usually I am actually sweating on the treadmill and going “wtf???” at some of the cases! I also like that at some point in the history of the podcast, each episode has started to have a catchy title: in my mind it feels like reading a collection of short stories, and because the hosts approach each story quite lightly, despite the topic, it never gets too dark or heavy to listen to!

Favourite episodes so far:

Episode 30: The curious death of the pastor’s wife. An “ordinary” murder case, but well narrated, so it kept me interested to the end of the episode.

Episode 33: The owl did it. I had forgotten about this case! Ridiculous is probably the best word I have for it, and it’s actually a hilarious episode with a guest star too, well worth listening to.

Episode 26: The Gonzales family murder. One that I had not heard of, and very interesting too!

Ok, now what about your favourite episodes?



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