Podcast obsession: Crime Junkie

Recent obsession, this, I started about three weeks ago and have already listened to most of the cases presented: Crime Junkie is a no-nonsense, addictive podcast with so many interesting stories, presented clearly, in details, in 30-60 minutes (depending on how much there is to say about the case). I didn’t know most of the cases, so there’s a lot of material for binge-listening!

Yay features – I like the fact that they label their cases based on what they are about: “missing”, “murdered”, “serial killer”, so you always know what you’re going to get. The conversational style is also quite common by now, but it’s not overdone, i.e. the hosts don’t ramble on but keep to the point, conveying all the facts clearly. The background music does not interphere and I actually really like the theme music to start the podcast.

Nay features – just one that, as a teacher, I cannot ignore, sorry! Grammar/spelling mistakes in the presentation of the episodes, grrrrrr! Girls, seriously, call me and I’ll fix those mistakes, they nearly drove me away from the podcast…which would have been a shame, it’s really good and interesting!

Favourite episodes (so far):

Episode 14: serial killer. Quite a strange case, and I’ll have to listen to it again: a local businessman killing gay men and burying them on his estate…(spoiler alert: includes creepy mannequins!).

Episode 9: murdered. An interesting story, this, which took some twenty years to solve. A teenage mom, cryptic clues, and an unexpected ending (sort of).

Episode 6: murdered. Possibly my favourite episode so far: the dismembered nanny found in a dumpster in Boston…


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