Podcast obsession: Criminal

A discovery for me, but Criminal is a podcast that’s been going on since 2014! New episodes are out twice a month on Friday, and I have listened to a few already – there are over 80, so it’s taking me a while!

What do I like of this podcast? I like the no-frills approach, with a simple presentation of the facts, contributions from interviews, a very light background music every now and then. The podcast has won several awards, and understandably so: this is the work of professionals! It is also interesting that the case itself is usually just an “excuse” to present an aspect of criminology, for example procedures to determine how long food has been in a body’s stomach, or how the use of fingerprints became the popular method to gather evidence about a suspect (before DNA).

I’m still working on a list of favourite episodes, so I’m going to do something different this time, and not publish a top-three: how about you tell me your favourite episodes, this time?





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