Podcast obsession: You Must Remember This

This is not a crime podcast, and I’m sure it’s doesn’t need much introduction from me: You Must Remember This is an amazing podcast about “the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood in the twenty-first century”. Perfectly narrated with plenty of details on all the stories, with a great atmosphere, it really inspires to sit down and enjoy all those black and white movies that have made the history of American cinema.

But, since this is a blog about crime, what has YMRT got to do with it? Well…the podcast is organised around themes or seasons. One such season was dedicated to (once again) Charles Manson, and of course his “link” with Hollywood: from episode 44 to episode 55, Karina Longworth unfolds every story that led to the night of August 9th, 1969, up to the trial that followed. And it is addicting, as well as a different take on a story that we should all be pretty familiar with. Well worth listening to, as well as the rest of the podcast. In fact, here are some other interesting episodes with a shade of crime:

Episode 25 – The short lives of Bruce and Brandon Lee. One (or two!) of those mysteries that will haunt the cinema world forever.

Episode 63 – MGM stories: Eddie Mannix. This is a juicy one, I think, mostly because it contains stories about a character that’s been portrayed in the Cohen brothers’ film Hail Caesar, although the movie just used his name and the idea of him being a problem-fixer in the industry. Anyway, the podcast explores his role in Hollywood, and includes the mysterious death of the first Superman, which is really fascinating.

Episode 94 – Dead Blondes: Thelma Todd. Part of a very interesting series on blonde actresses in Hollywood, all worth listening to, but this episode in particular concludes with a mysterious death (again!), so it deserves an inclusion in this list.

Once again, it’s a really good podcast, and if you have never listened to it, go now! I have yet to find an episode that was not interesting, and now that the last series is over, I am constantly checking for new episodes and can’t wait!

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