Podcast obsession: Casefile

Casefile has been in my library and on my list for quite a while, and I have finally found the right time to listen to it. I had downloaded a few episodes among the 76 (and counting!) they have published so far, and I have listened to only five for the moment, but yes, it is a new obsession.

Each case is super well researched: spanning from the 1800 (more or lesso) to more recent times, from disappearances to murder, the Anonymous Host at Casefile will grab you and hypnotize you with their stories. A subtle music in the background provides a spooky thread throughout the episode, together with the host’s (quite lovely) Australian accent. Oh, yes, another Australian podcast, like Trace, and the winner of the 2017 Australian podcast awards too!

As I said, I have only just begun my journey into their library of cases, so I can recommend some among the ones that I have listened to and which have fascinated me the most: have a look and tell me what you think!

Case 66: The Black Widow. A crazy case, and more! I am always interested in women who kill (gruesome, I know), especially serial killers, which are so rare! This is almost a legend by now, and there have been films and books written about her. Well narrated case, with all the details you need to know.

Case 63: Catherine Holmes and Georgina Watmore. One that was new to me, and (spolier alert!) a very interesting unsolved mystery set in Australia.

Case 59: Amy Lynn Bradley. No murder this time (probably), but a disappearance, and the circumstances are terrifying. Again, an unsolved mystery…

I have just started to listen to case 59 now (I choose randomly), so let me know which episode I should listen to next!

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