Podcast obsession : They Walk Among Us

A podcast I used to listen to quite a lot is They Walk Among Us, a podcast that narrates cases of British crime. The podcast has lots of interesting cases, and quite a long history in podcast terms, as they’ve been publishing them for a couple of years. Each episode is between 30 to 45 minutes long, some are two-parters, and they range from the early 1920s to more recent cases. No frills, no fireworks, just the story, narrated quietly, with clips from interviews and news reports, and the “so where are we now” conclusion, which is something I really appreciate as it gives some sense of closure to the story.

The cases are always generally interesting: from stalking to psychopaths, from a money-motivated murder to a mysterious disappearance, there’s something for every taste. I have one criticism, though: I usually research the cases after I listen to the episode, and a few times I have noticed that the episodes used exactly the same words as the articles I found about the cases. This bothers me, as I understand the limitations of finding information online, but at least an effort to use your own words to narrate the story would be nice. Anyway, just a personal opinion.

Here is my list with the most interesting stories to learn about:

Season 2, episode 4: the Helen Bailey case. A story I have been fascinated by from the very beginning. I remember reading Bailey’s article about her husband’s death, and it stuck with me, so when she disappeared I started following the developments with more interest than I would have. It’s a crazy story, and I find myself often thinking about it.

Season 2, episode 2: the Leigh Sabine case. Another one that stuck with me for the absurdity of the story and the fact that somehow we will never know what really happened – sometimes it’s a good thing, if a bit frustrating.

Season 1, episode 17: the Brian Blackwell case. This case is quite close to home for several reasons: for a start, it happened in an area near where I live, and it’s strange to think how close these things can happen. And then obviously, it is about a family murdered by their own son, which is the theme of my own podcast, so it was interesting for that. Another crazy, unimaginable story.

Season 1, episode 15: the Stephen port case. A disturbing one, this, for many reasons. I wanted to do some research on the story but never found the time (too many things on my list), but when I get round I’ll write a fact file for the blog.

Season 1, episode 10 – the Graham Frederick Young case. Another episode concerning a “child” whose murderous intentions turned on to his family. It’s been a while since I last listened to it, I’ll have to go back and listen again.

These are just some of the most interesting ones – let me know your favourite ones!

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