Podcast obsession: Serial, season one.

At the beginning of the year I went back to the podcast that started all: Serial, season one, the Adnan Syed case. Me being me, I listened to it three times back to back, like I did when it first came out, already four years ago! It’s been interesting to notice how differently I reacted this time, having read more articles about the case, and having, somehow, paid more attention to the podcast and the interviews. While the first time I listened to it I had absolutely no doubts (or very few anyway) about innocence and guilt, and some characters sounded a lot shadier than others, this time I found myself reflecting on aspects of the story that I hadn’t noticed before: I re-read articles about the case, found some more, updated what I knew. My perspective has somehow changed, although not dramatically: in any case, I am looking forward to developments, as the Court of Special Appeals is keeping us waiting for a decision. I have found some information here, which dates to December last year, and seems to be the most recent information.

Whatever you think happened, Serial is the mother of crime podcasts: investigative journalism at high levels, interviews, evidence, cliffhangers, and an objective perspective on a strange, sad story.

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