Podcast obsession: Trace

Trace is not a new podcast, in fact it came out in June last year: I binge-listened to it when I moved to Rome in September, on my many trips to Ikea! It did help pass the time, as its addictive storytelling keeps you engaged at all times.

A quick look at the story first: in 1980, Maria James is stabbed to death in her bookshop in Melbourne, Australia. She leaves two young children, who have never found out who killed her and why. The investigation carried out by journalist Rachel Brown includes horrific revelations of abuse by priests, and of missed leads and tampered clues – the case is still open.

Frustratingly, this means that the podcast, as the story, is incomplete, but it’s  fascinating none the less (in the disturbing sense). I am keeping it checked regularly, hoping for developments, but it’s been months now, and nothing has changed. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

I cannot recommend episodes as it is a linear story, so start from the beginning and go on until the end! I would probably say that episodes 3 and 4 are the most interesting ones, but they’re part of the whole, and it’s the story itself and the way it is presented, that matters.

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